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“I remember everything”

When I think about my day, I remember everything.
Because I am me, and inside my head is everything, that I did today.
My eyes have seen so many things. My ears have heard so many sounds. Music too.
I talk with myself, and everything I say is something I decided.
From the edge of my bed, I can gaze at my entire world. At everyone I know.
Tomorrow when I open my eyes I’ll see you.
And if you ask, if you can come in here to me I’ll say yes.

It is time to fall asleep. From the bedside, we glance out of the window looking at the moon and the sky lit by stars. The house is full of sounds, and the mind is full of thoughts. Right here the story begins…

“A brilliant performance for children told with warmth, humour, and a zest for life”

Børn i byen
“The room in Theater My new children’s entertainment is laid in peace, smile, optimism, magic, imagination, joy, visions and a big, great love for life.
Mette Rosleff has an absolutely outstanding ability to crawl all the way into the child and to tell about everyday life.”
“With a breathtaking charm, Theatre My excels in mesmerizing the little ones. Pure magic”
Teater 1
“Mette Rosleff is one of a kind. An outstanding performance for the little ones and adults too”
CPH Culture
“In Theater My’s enchanting children’s theater universe everything seems sparklingly real. And ‘I can remember everything’ is another show in which Mette Rosleff enriches the kindergarten children with her joy of life and her wonder.”

Age group                        2-5 years

Performer                        Mette Rosleff

Technician                       Sigurd Dissing      

Manuscript                      Mette Rosleff, Giacomo Ravicchio      

Director                            Giacomo Ravicchio                  

Set design                       Giacomo Ravicchio                    

Workshop                        Steen Mols, Trine Holtoug        

Props                               Sigurd Dissing                          

Composer                       Martin Vognsen

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