“Songs from above”

A theater production about being a small person in a rather marvelous world.

Small musical and pictorial stories forms the frame around a stream of close and moodful moments.

A white and open tent encircles the audience in a safe and gentle way, and is told in a bright universe of stars, with the joy of recognition and the amazement of memory.

OBS: Songs from above is touring fall 2020. Inquiries/booking: metterosleff@icloud.com

“Songs from above” is a co-production with Teater Refleksion.


Performer                        Mette Rosleff, Sigurd Røge Dissing

Manuscript                      Mette Rosleff

Director                            Bjarne Sandborg

Set design & puppets     Mariann Aagaard, assisteret af Sofie Faurschou Hastrup

Workshop & technique   Morten Meilvang Laursen, Vibeke Pagh Schultz

Composer                        Martin Vognsen

Light design                     Jesper Hasseltoft

Age group                         2-4 years

Duration                            Approx. 30 minutes

Language                         Danish & English

Set-up time                       2 1/2 hours

Space requirement         9,5 x 8,5 x 3,5 m. – Audience included.

Technical requirement   380 V – 3 x 16A

Black out                          Needed

Audience                          50 people

“Bliss of happiness … The tranquility enchants and the close life gets wings.”
 Århus Stiftstidende

“Mette Rosleff turns on glimpses in the eyes of even the youngest, with her poetic performance about, wondering about the beauty of life … a poetic experience that most other theaters only hit sporadicly”

“Visual performance aesthetics and everyday poetic tiny scenes.
Childrens Performance with adult apple. More of that, thank you “