“Little steps”

A string of short poetic sketches illustrate moments in a little person’s world.

Mommy and Daddy. Grandma and Grandpa, a snail and a tree by the side of the road. Kindergarten filled with little friends, a bicycle, a small bed and a nighttime story. An umbrella and the hope for rain…

It is the story of a little person in a big world, woven in a universe abundant with memories and the joy of recognition. Held in the beauty of these moments, a cozy and safe feeling envelops us, as the poetic story takes shape through music, lighting, sound, puppets and objects.

Theater My ́s calm and poetic style is the source for this theatre experience dedicated to little people. Little people on their journey into the world.


“Little steps” received Reumert of the Year Award for Best Children’s / Youth Performance in 2012.

Performer                    Mette Rosleff

Technician                   Sigurd Dissing

Manuscript                  Mette Rosleff & Giacomo Ravicchio

Director                        Giacomo Ravicchio

Set design                   Giacomo Ravicchio

Workshop                    Steen Mols & Mads Rasmussen 

Props                           Poul Arne Kring   

Composer                   Martin Vognsen

Set painter                  Trine Holtoug

Seamstress                Helene Thygesen


Age group                         2-5 years

Duration                            Approx. 30 minutes

Language                         Danish & English

Setup time                        2 1/2- 3 hours

Space requirement         L 7 m x B 7 m x H 3,70 m

Electrical requirement    380 V/ 16A-CEE plug

Black out                          Needed

Audience                          50 people

Black out                          Needed

Audience                          50 people

The audience says:

“Little Steps” became my daughter’s theater visit ever. She didn’t take her eyes off the stage for one second, every move, every word was swallowed. I’m simply so impressed with the performance, with light, sound, water, tand how it hot home with all the kids, and as a mother of a real tomboy, I have to take my hat off for the calmness you spread. 1000 thank you’s for the experience, we will definitely return! “

“My whole childhood returned in glimpses. My son was absorbed from start to finish and is still talking about buns with butter and cold chocolate.” Little steps “is a very precise and subtle, vibrant and touching performance. Great art – Thanks!”

“Lovely, lovely show. It feels so good to witness the meeting between the little children with the big eyes, and the little big story, told by a true storyteller. We left the performace with an experience in the heart that lasts the hole day and beyond. “

“Mette Rosleff unveils the small secrets of the sandbox with smile, caution and formidable contact with the small spectators.”


Read the whole review from Teateravisen.dk

“Mette Rosleff’s hands are the country’s quietest when she strings her fingers through the sand and finds little secret things in ”Little Steps”. Her voice cares like the caress of the kids. After the show, there is all quiet and refusal, no one wants to leave the tent. Theater My is wellness for the soul.”

“It is rare to see such care taken with an early-years audience as Teater My demonstrates in Little Steps, a perfectly pitched theatre production for two- to five-year-olds”. 
The Irish Times

Read the whole review from The Irish Times