About Theater My

The award winning Theater My aims to create a calm and peaceful experience embracing the very little ones. The productions possess a rare ability to generate a warm atmosphere of poetic and reflective moments. Theater My creates a secure relatable environment, where the simple exciting stories and images are given space to come into existence. With their sure sense for storytelling the plays demonstrate a great respect for the importance of their role: representing as they do the child’s very first encounter with the magic of the theatre.

The stories, they tell , focus on themes with which small children can relate: This wonderful life, in which anything can happen and where the big can be found within the small.
Theater My tours in Denmark as well as abroad. Supported by the Danish Arts Council and the Municipality of Århus.

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“With a breathtaking charm, Theatre My excels in mesmerizing the little ones. Pure magic”

Teater 1

“The room in Theater My`s new children`s performance is filled with peace, smiles, optimism, magic, imagination, joy, visions and a big, great love for life. Mette Rosleff has an absolutely outstanding ability to connect with the children and tell about everyday life”