“And the sun is always shining”

Now the whole world turns. I look out; everything I need is here
My swing, my lamp and my shoes that can run quickly
Leaves that fall from the trees and cockerels that crow
Here are all the things that make me happy, and those that are fun
The strange things that I don’t understand
The things that hurt, that I don’t want to do 
All that is tasty and tickles my tummy
Everything that is soon
Everything that is here right now
Teater Refleksion and Teater My previously created the performance ‘Songs from above,’ that has captivated children and adults the world over. Now the two award-winning theatres combine their distinctive and characteristic expressions in this new piece.

“And the sun is always shining” is a co-production between Teater Refleksion and Teater MY.

Performer                        Mette Rosleff & Alex Lehman/Sigurd Dissing

Director                            Nina Kareis

Consultant                       Bjarne Sandborg      

Manuscript                      Mette Rosleff      

Set design, dolls
and objects                      Sigurd Dissing        

Composer                        Pete Livingstone

Light                                 Morten Ladefoged                

Sound                               Morten Meilvang Laursen                    

Workshop                        William Højbjerg, Amanda Axelsen Sigaard    

Age group                   2-5 years and adults

Duration                      Approx. 30 minutes

Technical                                                                                                                                                          requirements              220V

Space                                                                                                                                                                 requirements               W: 7m x L:8m x H:2,75m

Black out                      Yes

Audience                      50 people


“Rosleff speaks with a promising mix of excitement and calmness,
and with Dissing they are discreet and simultaneously
present as puppet masters. ”

“In an impressionistic way ‘And the sun is always shining’ speaks to its children audience. With Moods and Images, the performance invites the children into a space of security and lifejoy. ”

“During and after the performance, I saw a kindergarten boy dragging his educator with him to the performers to tell how well he likes the performance”

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The production is supported by Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune and Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.